Roll Upstream to the pool's edge.

Adjust the speed and enjoy!

Open the lid and press a button.

It's really just that simple.  Upstream is designed to fit in with your poolside decor.  It's clean, sleek, decorative design makes it a great compliment to your back yard until you are ready to swim.  When the mood hits, it only takes about 30 seconds to be set up and ready and about the same time to retract the flow box and roll Upstream back to it's spot next to the chaise.  Watch it in action below!

From enhanced water aerobics ...        To lessons for the little ones...             To fun for the whole Family....‚Äč

How We Do It...

Upstream's patent pending design is powered by two deep cycle marine batteries that drive a low voltage  24 volt DC motor or three batteries for the new 36 volt version for advanced swimmers.  It's built in, three stage battery charger can be plugged into a 110v outlet when Upstream is rolled away from the pool.  Also, the charger has a universal input to handle European power supply as well.  There is also a convenient battery fuel gauge that is located in view of the swimmer that lets you know when it's time to recharge. 

Choose Your Color...

Upstream is constructed to withstand the elements!  We use stainless steel framing and HDPE panels from King Starboard Corporation.  We offer a choice of two exterior colors.  Choose from white or dolphin grey.